METU NETER Vol. 2, Pg. 111

The most important accomplishment in your life, which you must pursue with the utmost urgency, is the experiencing of that part of your being that directs and coordinates the activities of the billions of cells that make up your physical body, and directs the activities of your spirit and subconscious. This indwelling intelligence that is obviously in possession of the knowledge of the workings of the universe, is God's consciousness itself. This is Ausar, your true Self. Your true, entire, only, and ultimate purpose for being on earth is the resurrection of this indwelling intelligence, that it may guide your endeavors in life with the same omniscience that it uses to guide your physiological and subconscious mental activities. Identification with, and living by the guidance of this indwelling intelligence is the true worship of God. It is the true process of religion.


As omnipresence is an attribute of this indwelling intelligence, its resurrection, i.e., the extension of its function from the subconscious to the conscious sphere of Man's life, or the doing of that Glory on earth that is done in heaven, if you prefer, is the only way to bring about the unity that is the prerequisite for peace on earth and prosperity for all. Viewed from another perspective, omnipresence means that there can only be one Being dwelling in and as all creatures. This is the basis of unity in the world. Most important, we must understand that this is the real meaning of monotheism, which does not denote a one God, but the Unitarian reality that is the life of all creatures, and the source of all the metaphysical intelligences through which the activities of the world are administered. Understand this and you will know that in killing others, you are destroying a vessel through which God expresses Itself.


Ra Un Nefer Amen