Ausarian Initiation


To initiate means to begin a process. Each year the Ausarian Initiation cycle begins on February 21 in the northern hemisphere, and ends at the Winter Solstice (begins August 21 in the southern hemisphere and ends June 21). It is a set of rituals and meditations that are conducted on levels of increasing complexity over the course of the year.


Of all the spiritual systems that were practiced in Ancient Egypt, the Ausarian Initiation system was the most effective means of leading Man (men and women) to the attainment of divinity—the essence of our being.


Treading the path of Initiation to Divinity awakens and optimizes Man's higher mental abilities, moral nature, talents and spiritual faculties for her/his personal and social benefit.  As there is a tendency among people to excuse all of our failings on our humanness, it should be clear that the “human” stage of Man’s development represents our spiritual infancy and therefore must be transcended.


Ancient Egypt's great accomplishments in all areas of civilization: women's rights, education, spirituality, government, and the arts and sciences (mathematics, three scripts, architecture, metallurgy, astronomy, medicine, literature, etc.) were due to the optimization of the talents, intelligence, morality and spirituality of its people. The Ausarian Initiation program will do the same for you.


You cannot realize your Divinity based on your understanding of spiritual principles. The realization of Divinity depends upon the establishment of 11 Divine Laws—Maat—into the Mind and Life-force of the Initiate to give him/her the spiritual power of realization.  These Laws must be placed into the Mind in a specific order as they are interdependent, and at a specific time of the year according to the receptivity of the spirit (Ra) which provides the spiritual vehicles for their manifestation.


All that happens in the world is spirit. Spiritual development is based on a solar cycle as the Holy Spirit (Ra) follows the cycle of the sun. As the goal of Initiation is the realization of your Divine Self Image (Ausar), becoming Ausar requires a transformation of Ra (spirit). The Ausarian Initiation process facilitates the attainment of this objective through a series of daily exercises and meditations which begin February, 21 and are designed to guide the Initiate through a ten month process that culminates at the Winter Solstice.  


While Initiation instruction is available online, Orlando and surrounding area residents can also elect to join us at the Orlando Taui University site for live Initiation classes where they will receive live instruction, guidance and support in this year’s undertaking.




The Ausarian Initiation Calendar



January 7 – February 20

Pre-Initiation – Study and preparation to be done.


February 21 – March 20

Amen: Placing the Law of Amen into the mind. The purpose of the work to be done at this time is lay the fundamental state of the spirit (Peace), and to lessen the re-awakening of undesirable conditionings when the heat and light begins to prevail in the following stage.


March 21 – April 20 (Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere)

Ausar: Placing the Law of Ausar into the mind. The purpose of the work to be done is to aid in guarding against negative behavior that has been transcended from coming back into existence.


April 21 – May 20

Tehuti/Sekhert: Placing the Law of Tehuti and Law of Seker into the mind.


May 21 – June 20

Ma’at/Herukhuti: Placing the Law of Ma'at and Law of Herukhuti into the mind.


June 21 – July 20 (Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere)

Heru:  Placing the Law of Heru into the mind.


July 21 – August 20

Het Heru/Sebek: Placing the Law of Het Heru and Law of Sebek into the mind.


August 21 – September 20

Auset: Placing the Law of Auset into the mind.


September 21 – December 20 (Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere)

Geb: The purpose of the work is to make the full effort to live the 11 Laws (Heru Behutet). Consistent effort to live the 11 Laws will render the behavior automatic.


November 11 – December 20 (Austerities)

The Austerities mark a 40 day period of denying the desires of the person in order to empower the Self. The process aids in centering the Initiate in his/her divinity by addressing specific entertainment and dietary conditionings.


December 21 – December 24 (Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere)

Heb Nen (Ceremony of Submission): The Winter Solstice can be likened to the ovulation day of a woman's menstrual cycle — the day when the egg is most receptive to fertilization. It is the major Yin time of the year when the Spirit is impregnated (programmed) to give birth to behaviors, habits and conditionings.  This is the most sacred time of the year and should be utilized for Fasting, Meditation and Rest to take advantage of the heightened receptivity of the Spirit, and only allowing positive thoughts, energies, etc. into one’s sphere of awareness.


Utchau Metu (The Weighing of the Heart): The Utchau Metu involves performing your personal Declarations of Innocence as an objective means of verifying the progress of your spiritual work toward the attainment of your spiritual goal. Your Conscience (the vehicle of Ausar within you) will judge you and confirm whether or not your Heart (Ab/Will) is as light as a Feather (not weighted down by guilt). To the degree that you were successful in your living of truth (Free of Sin), your Conscience will declare you Maa Kheru (True of Word and Deed).


December 25 – January 6

December 25 marks the beginning of the New Year. After the Solstice, you should maintain a positive mind-state via Meditations through Jan. 6 (Day of Epiphany). Do not entertain or succumb to negative images, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. If you have successfully followed your spiritual curriculum and maintained a clean, wholesome diet, you should expect to receive revelations from your spirit. Record the revelations/insight you receive through January 6.




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