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Paut Neteru Meditation

(Students in good standing only)


Apply the principles of spiritual mastery with the Khamitic meditation system which utilizes the 11 principles of the Tree of Life to tap into hidden powers of the spirit. Through these guided meditation sessions you will be led through the process of accessing the genius residing in your subconscious to gain insight into the world’s condition and make enduring changes in your personal life.


Kamitic Spiritual Philosophy  (Open to Public)

Sundays: 2:30 P.M. – 4:30 P.M.  (Location changes… Email for info)


The study of the spiritual anatomy and psychology of man. Man's destiny is determined by the interaction of eleven faculties in the spirit. In this course you will learn to awaken these spiritual centers and bring the various events in your life in harmony with the spirit and the laws governing the universe. You will be instructed in how to apply “knowledge of self” in everyday circumstances. An ancient Kamitic axiom states that “To know truth, you must live it!” This class aids in the establishment of a holistic understanding and spiritual foundation for “living truth”.


All on-site classes are conducted on a free will donation basis.

Suggested donation is $5.00 per class or $15 per month for all classes.
Completion of assignments and the purchase of class materials (books, DVD’s, etc.) are required to ensure student’s success.


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