METU NETER Vol. 1, Pg. 226

Herukhuti, also called Heru-Behutet, is the divine principle that safeguards our existence from the injustices of others. It works sternly through the law that states that you reap what you sow. Be consistent in being just with others, and you will be spiritually protected by this divine power.


Its aggressive power is also the foundation of the temperament of natural athletes, warriors, business executives, and so on.


In the Kamitic tradition, it is the form in which Heru fights against Set in order to regain the throne (control over one’s life) that the latter usurped. The seeming contradiction that arises from considering Heru-Behutet “a form of Heru” is cleared up when we realize that ultimately there is only one Deity in the world, with different faculties. While Heru corresponds to the steady supply of noradrenalin that enables us to carry out all activities of externalization, Herukhuti (Heru-Behutet) corresponds to the extreme surges of adrenalin that support our aggressive, sexual arousal and immune responses.


© Ra Un Nefer Amen