Restoring a Legacy


The essential premise of Kamitic spirituality is the fact that Man is a triune being composed of animalistic (emotional) faculties, intellectual (human) faculties, and divine faculties. Of the three, it is the divine faculties that represent Man's true nature his/her being or identity while the emotional and the intellectual/human side are vehicles through which Man expresses himself/herself in the world. Think of the divine part of being as a carpenter, for example, the intellect and emotions as his tools (saw, drills, etc.). Of these three sets of faculties, the emotional nature is the first to make its appearance in the life of Man, with the result that we take this part of being as our identity. Emotional and sensual pressures and impulses become the main "reasons" for our actions. Since emotional and sensual drives are lacking in reason and intelligence, a life that is based on emotions or feelings choosing a mate, foods, career, etc. is doomed to serious errors. That is why there is a general consensus for the need to develop one's intellectual or humanistic side. The intellect finds its highest expression in reasoning, which is also limited in its ability to save man. This is due to the inability of the intellect to establish the truth of many important issues of life. All that reasoning can establish about a prospective spouse or career or job, for example, is the probability of it being the right choice.

Were Man to be limited to the guidance from the emotional/sensual and intellectual faculties, his/her life will be doomed to continue the disastrous errors that make up the major side of mankind's history. Fortunately, Man is endowed with faculties that can enable her/him to transcend the ignorance and limitations of the lower nature. Thus the divine part of being is composed of a faculty through which guidance from God can be received, as well as a faculty through which the spiritual power of God can manifest to compensate for a lack of material resources or abilities. The knowledge of how to transcend the animal (emotional) and human (intellectual) side of life to develop and express the divine part of being was fully developed by the priesthood of Kamit (ancient Egypt). Ra Un Nefer Amen has dedicated himself in the past 40 years to returning this knowledge to the world. The works published through his efforts encompass all the necessary knowledge required to put into practice the tenets of the spiritual way of life that equipped the ancient Egyptians with the inspiration, wisdom and power to establish the magnificent civilization that laid the foundation for the world's development of science, philosophy, art, state craft and religion. The end result of this effort means that it is no longer necessary to simply read in awe about the great achievements of Ancient Egypt. Now you can recreate the same spiritual events in your own life as experienced by the initiates of Kamit themselves.

Through his books, Metu Neter Vol. 1-6, The Tree of Life Meditation System, Nuk Au Neter, and Maat: The 11 Laws of God, Ra Un Nefer Amen lays a thorough theoretical foundation and a step by step road map to guide the initiate in the journey from the lowest position in life to the peaks of spiritual realization. Through his guided meditation CDs for each of the 11 spheres ("angelic" intelligences) which make up the Paut Neteru (Kamitic Tree of Life), the initiate will learn how to awaken the latent powers of the mind the unused 90% of the brain to enrich his/her ability to solve problems and accomplish the goals of life. The Ausar Auset Society, through the teachings of Ra Un Nefer Amen I, is proud to re-introduce to the world, the first and only presentation of the necessary tools for engaging in the daily practice of Kamitic spirituality in the manner that it was lived thousands of years ago. Thus, we can now restore the great legacy of our ancestors while building a new future for ourselves and our children.