Meditation is Easy




The meditation state, as the root of the word “medi” (middle) implies, is the intermediary between the two fundamental states of consciousness— waking and sleeping. All of our life processes belong to one of two fundamental phases. In one phase, there is an internalization of consciousness, or sleep, or a rest from external activity to prepare the physical body and the spirit for the other phase of externalizing consciousness, or waking, physical activity. The meditation state is in the middle of these two.


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Many people believe that meditation is difficult, and that it must take a great deal of effort and time to learn to do well. In fact, most people do experience a certain amount of difficulty and failure in their efforts to meditate. This is due to the common misunderstanding that has been promoted even by “experts” and yogis regarding concentration.

“I’ve tried to meditate, but I just find it difficult to concentrate, to keep my mind still,” is the common complaint. The real secret is that concentration does not come about from the will to keep the mind still, which is extremely difficult and just about impossible for most people. It is the natural, effortless, automatic response of breathing according to certain patterns. This is the greatest secret of Yoga, the science of Pranayama (breath control). Control the breath and you will control not only the mind, but the subconscious. Think of the fact that your breathing is the only function that can be performed voluntarily or involuntarily. It is the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious. You may have noticed how your breathing automatically slows down or even stops when you are thinking deeply, or aiming the ball at the hoop, etc. Your subconscious knows to slow down your breathing when you want to concentrate – but only up to a point.

Another fact of nature which argues for the learning of meditation to be a simple process, is the reality that the meditation state is one of our natural states of consciousness. We automatically slip into it several times a day – our states of suspense, wonderment, emotional experiences, etc. – but we do so ever so lightly and fleetingly, that we fail to notice that we are in the meditation state. As a matter of fact, if it were not a natural state, we should not bothered with meditation at all. We deal with it because it is the only state of mind in which stress and its harmful effects can be removed, and where creative thinking, accelerated learning, the photographic memory manifests themselves, and so on.


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