Ausarian-Taoist Initiation


This Initiation Course is for students that have completed Level 2 and above of the Ausarian Initiation Courses.

We reserve the right to deny access to this course to any one that has not taken the Ausarian Level 2 classes and above.


The ancient Egyptians documented the elements of the Ausarian and Ra Initiation systems that pertain to the metaphysical parts of man’s being—Amen to Auset (spheres 0 to 9 of the Tree of Life/Paut Neteru), which have been transmitted to us through their writings. What was not written down, and therefore not transmitted to us, are the teachings regarding the psychic and physiological parts of man’s being—Geb (sphere 10).


This knowledge, which has been kept secret for thousands of years, finally allows for the full integration of the Taoist Qi Gong system with the Ausarian and Ra Initiation systems. It enables the Will of the Initiate to connect with psychic faculties (chakras and the five elements of the Qi body) and thus awaken great psychic (Qi) forces to heal and optimize the mental, emotional and psychic functions.

The task has been made possible by unmasking two of the most powerful Qi Gong systems available — Wu Zhoutian (Esoteric Meditation Orbital) Qi Gong and Zhan Zhuang (pronounced Jan Jong) Qi Gong.


Wu Zhoutian Meditation Qi Gong cultivates the Qi through Taoist breathing, and directs it through mantras and mudras to the chakras and the five elements (earth, fire, water, wood and metal) of the Qi body to heal their respective energy/organ systems (Liver, Heart, Spleen/Stomach, Lungs, Kidneys). The addition of the 11 Laws of Ausarian Initiation enables students to successfully open the psychic centers with an ease and power that has eluded most practitioners of Wu Zhoutian. This system is one of the oldest qigong practices and was kept secret primarily because of the great psychic powers that it develops in the practitioner.


Zhan Zhuang Qi Gong is a standing meditation system that has no parallels in any other qigong or exercise system, including yoga, in its ability to heal, generate vitality, and increase strength and endurance. Zhan Zhuang has been kept secret primarily because it is the main source of the great healing ability, physical power and athletic prowess exhibited by the great martial artists, and the “incredible” feats of Tai Chi and Qi Gong masters. The benefits of the system can be applied to any performance arena—dance, athletics, music, acting, or any area in which presentation is key. This fact is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine principle that mental acuity, physical strength and dexterity depends on the energy generated in the organ/energy systems, i.e, the Yin Liver energy system is the foundation of the imagination and creativity, the Spleen/Stomach energy system is the foundation for the higher cognitive thinking of the cerebral cortex and the pre-frontal lobe, etc.


Along with these teachings, the Initiation course will also impart knowledge on the use of relevant Traditional Chinese Herbal formulas, dietary supplements, needleless stimulation of acupuncture points and a selection of specific Ba Ji Dian (Eight Pieces of Brocade) Qi Gong techniques for healing all aspects of the body.

The course is comprised of 12 sections that are taught a month apart given that each one builds on the preceding and requires time for the brain to generate cells (engrams) to mediate the functions that are awakened, and other body parts need time to develop the capacity to carry out the expanded functional requirements.


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These online courses are offered by our Headquarters-Ausar Auset Society New York.  Call 718-469-3199 for detailed questions or concerns.